Remove Password from PDF Document for Free in 2 Easy Steps

So you want to remove password from a pdf file or document you have received and save it as a normal pdf file. You are on the right place.

It is pretty common now-a-days to get password protected pdf from large number of companies - e.g., utility providers bills, credit card reports etc. Typically you want to save these pdf for future, but it is pain to remember passwords for individual pdf. ... more

Google Adsense Earnings Insights 2017

Google adsense remains one of the best way to make money online in 2017. There are lot of people who report their rough adsense earnings and insights regularly. These insights give us an idea about potential of adsense and can serve as a motivation for people starting out with their own blogs and content sites.

Lot of people have been asking questions if Google adsense is still worth it in 2017 ... more

Adsense PIN Verification 2017

Google adsense remains one of the best monetisation system for blogs and content websites. But it is not easy to get an adsense account approved and verified. Even if you have your adsense account approved, you need a PIN verification to verify your postal address. more

React vs React Native - What's the difference?

Lot of us have been hearing about react javascript (js) for some time now as one of the best front end javascript library giving angular js a tough fight. But now there is a newer framework called react native and it is confusing what's the difference between react and react native. Both sound similar and are developed by facebook. more

React Native ScrollView

Scrollview is a mobile app view where you can scroll by following standard scrolling behaviour on touchscreen. Scrollviews are standard view on both android and ios.

React native supports implementing scrollview where components can be wrapped with platform specific scrollview along with implementing required touch responders.

Please note that in React Native you can easily configure scrollview to either scroll vertically or horizontally depending on your need. more

(MySql) Finding Duplicates in a column

Many times, we need to figure out if there is a duplicate in a particular column of a database. Here is a quick guide on how to find duplicates in a column in MySql. more

(MySql) Join Two Columns to Single Column

Many times one want to join 2 columns in a MySql table. For example, you have saved 'First Name' and 'last name' in separate columns and now want to get 'Full Name' as part of query output. more

(MySql) How to disable Sql Mode like ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY

MySql supports the concept of sql modes which are global configuration for every sql command. Sometimes one needs to remove particular sql mode like ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY. Here is a quick guide about how to disable sql modes. more

Learn MySql

MySql remains one of the most popular database around and it has maintained its popularity even in the age of large number of nosql databases. It remains one of the easiest database to use and at the same time it is stable enough to host successful comapnies (for example, companies like uber, facebook, yahoo all use MySql for many of their use cases)

  • [MySql - Finding Duplicates in a Column](/... more

(UI / UX Design) Sketch for Windows - How to run Sketch app on Windows

If you are into web and digital designing, you are either already using Sketch app or have heard a lot about Sketch app. For the beginner, sketch app is a vector graphics editor for digital design. As of 2017, Sketch is probably the most popular digital design editor in the market and is loved for being lightweight and easy to use interface. It is paid software available for $99, but the biggest ... more