Google Adsense Earnings Insights 2017

Google adsense remains one of the best way to make money online in 2017. There are lot of people who report their rough adsense earnings and insights regularly. These insights give us an idea about potential of adsense and can serve as a motivation for people starting out with their own blogs and content sites.

Lot of people have been asking questions if Google adsense is still worth it in 2017 or not. Especially with rise of ad blockers when lot n lot of people are blocking.

Google Adsense Earnings Guides

In 2017, there are broadly 2 type of players in the google adsense market:

  1. Create a small niche website with potential keyword in your domain and create backlinks for it endlessly until it starts coming in google search results. Typical website remains on top for few months or a year or so.

  2. Create authority website writing lot of detailed articles on a topic and stay invested in the same website for long.

Even though we want #2 to succeed, the reality in 2017 is that both #1 and #2 remain successful at this moment. There are lot of successful authority websites and they remain successful on adsense front. But at the same time, we are seeing lot of small niche websites having no more than 20 pages coming on top of google search results and making a hell lot of money.

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