Remove Password from PDF Document for Free in 2 Easy Steps

So you want to remove password from a pdf file or document you have received and save it as a normal pdf file. You are on the right place.

It is pretty common now-a-days to get password protected pdf from large number of companies - e.g., utility providers bills, credit card reports etc. Typically you want to save these pdf for future, but it is pain to remember passwords for individual pdf. Alternative is to remove password from pdf and save it as a normal pdf file.

How to Remove Password from PDF for Free

How to remove password protection from PDF files without spending money on software? Is it possible to do it for free?

The answer is Yes. The trick lies in using the 'print to pdf' or 'print to file' option available in many softwares that support pdf. You simply open the password protected pdf in your favourite pdf reader and then go to print and select 'print as pdf' option to save a password free pdf.

One of the easiest software to use for this is free 'Google Chrome'.

Remove Password from pdf For Free using Chrome

Google Chrome is a free browser from Google with support of opening pdf files. Most of people already have it installed on their computers. Here is a 2 step guide to remove password from a pdf file and save it as a normal pdf file.

  1. Open the password protected pdf file using Google Chrome (Go to File -> Open File). It will ask you for the password, enter it and you will be be able to see the pdf

  2. Use Print Option (Go to File -> Print). In Destination, select Save as PDF and click on Save. It will ask you to select the folder where to save and name of pdf file. Enter that and click save.

And you are done. Now you have a pdf file without password :)

Apart from being free, Google chrome is available for windows, Linux, as well as Mac.

Remove Password from pdf on MAC

If you are on Mac, the earlier option of using Google Chrome works for you.

On earlier Mac, you could also use default pdf viewer on Mac called 'Preview'. But it is no longer working. If you open a password protected pdf in Mac Preview and go to Print, then 'Save as PDF' is disabled on latest Mac OS versions.