Beginner Guide to Adsense Revenue Generation - Making Money from Blogs/Websites or youtube

If you are new to web monetization (urf making money from websites), advertisement or ad revenue is the life line of modern web. Lot of great web services (e.g., google search, facebook etc) are free for users. These companies make money by showing ads to users. To give you an indication of scale of money involved, most of the Google's around $75 billion revenue in 2015 came from ads.

Luckily, ... more

AMP ads for google adsense loading very slow

Lately (in Oct 2016) we have enabled amp-ads for google adsense on few of our sites. But we are continuously observing very slow ad load times and this has impacted our adsense revenue.

To put things in perspective, we have added amp pages (accelerated mobile pages) for some of our sites in july-august 2016. Since then, we have observed a steady increase in our amp traffic. Performance wise, we ... more

Error in required structured data element - Is Google AMP biased towards a set of use cases?

Recently I have added Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages) support for my blog articles, but I am observing following error in google Webmasters search console - more

React Native Navigation: Navigator vs Navigator Experimental Resources

Many of people working on react-native have realized that Navigator component in react-native is getting ready to be deprecated in favor of new navigaor called Navigation Experimental till now. more

Accessing YouTube data programmatically using Scala

Few days back, I wanted to save the list of vidoes in few youtube playlists for future references. But on a quick google search, I was not able to find any simple examples of accessing youtube data apis using scala (or even in Java).

Here is a quick notes on how I used Google Java data apis to access youtube data in scala.

Setup 0 - build.sbt

First, let's start by creating a simple `build.... more

Play Framework: How to Host multiple sites using same Play instance (aka virtualhosts)

Lately I have coded few small services/sites using play framework and I found the need to co-host these multiple sites on a single physcial server. more

Play Framework Unexpected MalformedInputException while Deploying

Few days back while deploying a play application on a ubuntu server, I got following error (this application was running fine in dev and prod mode on a mac)

play.api.UnexpectedException: Unexpected exception[MalformedInputException: Input length = 1]
at play.api.http.HttpErrorHandlerExceptions$.throwableToUsefulException(HttpErrorHandler.scala:276)
at play.api.http.... more

React Native App - Application X has not been registered

Application X has not been registered. This is either due to a require() error during initialization or failure to call AppRegistry.registerComponent more

Play Framework App behind Apache (co-deploying play application with other sites)

Manytimes we need to host multiple websites/applications on a single host - e.g., say a wordpress (php) blog with a play app or 2 play apps on a single host. One of the simplest way to achieve this is to use apache as a frontend proxy routing traffic back to the right application based on domain name. more

Play: How to read a config parameter from application.conf file (post 2.5.x)

Post 2.5.x release, older approach of having Global objects to access configuration parameters available in application.conf is no longer recommended. Instead, it is advised now to use dependency injection to access these. more