Beginner Guide to Adsense Revenue Generation - Making Money from Blogs/Websites or youtube

If you are new to web monetization (urf making money from websites), advertisement or ad revenue is the life line of modern web. Lot of great web services (e.g., google search, facebook etc) are free for users. These companies make money by showing ads to users. To give you an indication of scale of money involved, most of the Google's around $75 billion revenue in 2015 came from ads.

Luckily, it is possible for everyone to participate in this great money generation bandawagon. Google, as part of its adsense product, allows non-google websites or blog owners to show ads on their web pages. Basically google acts as a broker between advertisers (people who want to show ads) and ad publishers (people who own a site or blog).

When a visitor clicks on an ad, google charge the advertisers and gives a portion of it to the ad publisher (website or blog owner) and keeps the rest as commission.

So if your website or blogs get a decent number of visitors, you can register with google adsense to show ads on your website and make money.

To be clear, there are many more ways to make money on web other than google adsense. For example, other ad networks (like microsoft bing) and many affiliate progarms (e.g., amazon associate) where you get a cut if the user buys a certain product after clicking on an ad on your website. But in 2016, google adsense remains the best way to make money from blogs and websites.

How to create adsense account

First step is to create an adsense account. You can follow the google adsense get started page to get started on this.

You require following to open the account:

  • A google account (If you are having a gmail account or android phone, you already have one. Otherwise you can register)
  • A website or blog containing original content
  • Your details like address and bank account number - to get paid

Please note that google does not approve all requests for an adsense account. It verifies the website/blog details provided by you to ensure that it contains original content useful to people on the web.

Add Adsense code on your website

Once you have the adsense account, it is very easy to place adsense ads on your website.

Bascially you login to your adsense account, create an ad unit. Once you do that google provides you a javascript code snippet you can copy directly to your website.

Stay compliant with Adsense rules and regulations

Staying compliant with adsense rules and regulations is the most important part of making money from Google adsense. Google regularly checks and monitors your website and all clicks generate on your websites for any wrong-doings. If you don't follow the terms and conditions set by google, then your account will be disabled / banned immediately.

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