React Native Navigation: Navigator vs Navigator Experimental Resources

Many of people working on react-native have realized that Navigator component in react-native is getting ready to be deprecated in favor of new navigaor called Navigation Experimental till now.

Though as of today (July 11, 2016), Navigator Experimental is under very active development and its apis are in flux. For example, during last react native release 0.29.0, there were many commits related to cleaning up NavigationExperimental.

Options Available to You

  • If you are an having an existing react-native app using Navigator, you may want to wait for another month or so before migrating to Navigator Experimental.

  • If you are starting with a new react-native app, there is no clear option. If you can work with a work-in-progress interface, it will be better to go with NavigationExperimental as it has much better design than Navigator (this will be at the cost of changing apis etc for say few month or so). If you rather prefer a stable interface, you go with existing Navigator.

Navigator Experimental Resources

If you are planning to use NavigationExperimental, here is a set of useful resources as official documentation is not yet ready.

* Navigation Experimental official documentaiton (
* Navigation Experimental comparison with Navigator and Navigator IOS

Real App Examples:

Experimental Apps to learn from