Adsense PIN Verification 2017

Google adsense remains one of the best monetisation system for blogs and content websites. But it is not easy to get an adsense account approved and verified. Even if you have your adsense account approved, you need a PIN verification to verify your postal address.

Adsense PIN Verification

Google adsense PIN verification is a verification process to verify your postal address. As part of this PIN verification, Google sends you a letter containing a PIN by normal post. Once you receive the letter, you need to confirm the PIN by logging into your Adsense account.

Please note that you can't receive your payment until you have successfully verified your PIN.

Adsense PIN Code Not receiving

If you don't receive your adsense PIN by post within 4 weeks, then you will be able to request Google to resend your adsense PIN by logging into your adsense account.

If for some reason (e.g., bad postal system), you did not receive your PIN even after PIN was sent by Google 3 times, then you may see an alternative option for verification.

'Most recent PIN was generated '

If you don't receive your PIN within 4 weeks of this date, please complete this form and attach a digital image of a government issued ID card, bank statement, or telephone bill displaying your payee name and mailing address as it appears in your account. Please note that we're only able to accept information printed in one of our supported languages.

Once we receive your email, we'll respond within 2-3 days regarding your PIN verification status.

Please note that this alternative system for verification is only enabled for some countries where Postal system (mail) is known to be problematic. For others, all you can do is to request for PIN send again after 4 weeks.

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