Youtube Adsense Rates - Understanding per ad rates and revenue

Over last few years, video has become the dominant method to consume content and thus has attracted a massive flow of money from advertisers that are interested in influencing audiences and promoting their product. Google was and remains the primary player in this space - it owns YouTube (the most popular video content site) as well as Adsense (the most popular advertisement network).

If you are a youtube video publisher, you want to know about typical ad rates and possible revenue from a video published on youtube that is getting viewed by X number of people. Similar advertisers are interested in knowing about the money they need to spend to say reach 1000 people or so.

Youtube Adsense Rates

There is no standard youtube adsense ad rate as it is a dynamic system based on demand and supply. If there are lot of advertisers focussed on a particular topic (somewhat covered by your video) and they make decent amount of money as a result of ad success, then there is a high rate for that ad.

In other words, there is no standard adsense rate for each youtube view. But still there are some basics you need to know about to get a rough estimate of your earning potential:

  1. Youtube charges a adsense advertiser only when a viewer watches 30% or more of the advertisement. So not all your video views count for adsense ad revenue. Lot of viewers regularly skip ad and generally you should expect a percentage of 10% to 15% viewing a ad.

  2. For every ad viewed by a user on a youtube video, adsense will charge the advertiser, but will take a cut of that. It is discussed below in detail under Youtube adsense revenue share rate.

  3. Typical youtube ad rate: as said earlier, there is no standard rate for a ad inside youtube video. You can expect anything from 0.05 cents to 1 cent (0.01 dollars) per ad. Lot also depends on the country of the viewer. Europe and US has much higher per ad rate as compared to other countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil etc.

  4. CPI (Cost per impression) -- the standard way of representing youtube adsense rate is CPI. CPI is the money earned for 1000 views of the ads seen in the video. CPI varies a lot from $0.5 to $10 or even $20.

Youtube adsense revenue share rate

If your adsense account is enabled for showing ads in youtube, you can see the revenue share percentage by logining to your adsense account. You need to go to Settings -> Account -> Account Information and then look under active products.

The standard revenue share rate of youtube adsense is 68% and most of publishers should have the same amount. But there may still be cases where it is different. So you should check your rate directly in adsense dashboard.

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