(UI / UX Design) Sketch App for Free?

Sketch app on Mac has become one of the most popular ui/ux design tool for web and mobile apps, replacing photoshop and other alternatives far behind. There is a huge interest in sketch app now, but lot of people want to get started with a free version of sketch app - e.g., students who don't have enough money or people who want to try out the sketch app first before deciding.

So what all options exists for getting sketch app for free? First and foremost, sketch app is only available for Mac only.

Free Sketch App -- You can use the sketch app for free for around 30 days. Please go to https://www.sketchapp.com/ and click on Free Trial link and it will download a zip file containing the sketch app application for mac. After 30 days, it will stop working and if you want to continue using it, you can buy a license from sketch app website. As of 2018, the cost of license is $99 (which also includes a year worth of updates for new version of sketchapp)

From our perspective, if you are a ui/ux design professional, it is completely worth to buy Sketch app and you should not bother about free. If you are not a design professional, but want to use it for here and there, then you can try out the free trial version of sketch app.